Affordable Health Insurance For People In Missouri

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Missouri residents who are having trouble obtaining inexpensive medical insurance should look into the Missouri Health Insurance Swimming pool, or MHIP.

What is the Missouri Medical insurance Swimming pool?

The MHIP is a program created to help Missouri locals who can not find inexpensive health insurance, and who do not certify or are not covered under any other sort of health insurance plan.

The MHIP offers inpatient and outpatient health center care; doctor care; care from other physician; unique health services and products; and prescription drug protection.

Who sponsors the Missouri Medical insurance Swimming pool?

The MHIP entered into effect in 1991 thanks to the Missouri General Assembly. It also runs under the Assembly’s rules. However, the MHIP is administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.

Who is eligible for the Missouri Medical insurance Pool?

The MHIP is open to all Missouri locals depending upon eligibility requirements, but those locals who have pre-existing health conditions and can not appear to discover a health insurance company that will sell them an individual medical insurance policy ought to be especially interested in MHIP because while there are specifications on pre-existing conditions, the stipulations of the MHIP’s policy on pre-existing conditions can be waived in particular scenarios.

Those Missouri homeowners who are not qualified for MHIP consist of those who are eligible for other type of health insurance plans and programs such as a routine health insurance plan, a state-sponsored health insurance plan, Medicaid, Medicare, and COBRA.

If the MHIP has actually already paid $1 million in health care costs to an individual, he or she is not qualified. The exact same is true for people who are disqualified for medical insurance policies due to alcohol and drug abuse.

How do I discover more info about the Missouri Medical insurance Pool?

Contact the Missouri Department of Insurance coverage, or go to the Missouri Medical insurance Swimming pool official Web site.

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